Bald Head And Face Kit

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You Asked and We Answered!

We now have a VEGAN all natural Bald Head and Facial Kit. It's the same quality product with all natural additive that cater facial and bald head health. 

This Kit includes: 3oz So Clean to cleanse the bald head and face (smells like a hint of Rose), 3oz So Tone to detox and tone the scalp (smells like a mild scent of green apple, 1oz Glide (Unscented) to provide moisture and be a pre-shave oil  and a Natural *Loofah to exfoliate the skin. *(Rub face in light handed circular motions with Loofah and Wash 1x a week. Rinse loofah with hot water and store in a dry area). This also comes with a care card.

 *Add The Best Body Butter for a natural SPF/Sun Protector and lock in moisture without the greasy look and feel.

All Vegan + 100% All Natural = Healthier All Over

 Featured Vegan Additives

  • Rose - excellent for dry skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lavender - help even skin tone, reduce acne and wrinkles 
  • Apricot - improve skin tone, maintain softness of skin

Hand made with Love!

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