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Beard Sanitizing and Maintenance Kit

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Our Beard Sanitizing and Maintenance Kit includes: 

Revitalizing Wash - This All Natural Castile Soap shampoo that is formulated for the skin, beard and hair. It's made from vegetables and it gets the job done plus some. Very concentrated but thin. A little goes a long way so remember to squeeze it lightly, you only need a dime size. 2oz

Truth Serum - Our Truth Serum is all natural and helps the hair grow in balding or slow growing areas. It will assist with razor bumps, razor burn, and skin discoloration. Works best after a shower when pores are open but can work on dry skin and hair. This has a pleasant therapeutic smell. 15ml

ACV Tonic - Our ACV Tonic preps pores to promote hair growth, soothes itchy skin and reduces dandruff.  Helps clean, refresh, and tame your facial hair. ACV has an aromatic, herbal, fragrance. 2oz

Baxter Beard Oil – Our Baxter Beard Oil, is a leave-in conditioning, facial hair, pre and post shave, oil. It is best for men with sensitive skin. It provides moisture, while promoting shine and softness to the hair and skin. This oil has a mild, all natural, scent that does not compete with additional colognes or fragrances. 15ml

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