8 Great Gift Ideas That Show You Care

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and you just realized that you still have gifts to purchase. You put it off for so long is because you have no idea what to buy. Never fear, the team at Positive Outlook Grooming has put together a list of great suggestions you can use. Whether you are buying for the kids, significant other, parents, or friends, one or more of these gifts is sure to be a big hit.

1.      Books – Books are a great gift idea for anyone. You can choose to purchase the next book in a series you know they are reading. Or how about a biography of a person they admire. Have they recently picked up a new hobby? Another hot pick would be a book to teach them a new skill such as investing.

2.      Photo Album – Everyone is taking photos these days. Most of them are currently stuck in a digital format either on their phones or on social media sites. There are several sites that will take your digital photos and turn them into a print album. Bonus if you can find an old phone they no longer use but is loaded up with photos and turn those into a coffee table photo album.

3.      Beard Sanitizing And Maintenance Kit – Know a man with a beard? POG has the perfect gift with our Beard Maintenance Kit. The kit contains everything needed to maintain and care for a beard including a wash, beard oil, and more! Plus get a FREE GIFT with purchase.

4.      Craft Kits – Craft kits are no longer just for kids. Adult craft kits can be anything from beer and wine making kits to a kit that allows the receiver to make his very own crossbow! Or you can let them test out a terrarium kit or make their own telescope. There are also the traditional paints, yarn crafts, and even mask making kits!

5.      Homemade Gifts – Nothing shows you care more than a gift you took the time to make yourself. Who doesn’t love a warm batch of their favorite cookies, brownies, or candies? If cooking isn’t your speed, why not try your hand at making a hand carved picture or statue.

6.      Custom Energy Bracelets – Positive Outlook Grooming offers several positive energy bracelets. We use all-natural stones such as tiger’s eye, sodalite, black onyx, and lava rock. Plus, we hand pick all of our charms. Each bracelet is hand-made with love and infused with positive energy. Why not try an Abundance Bracelet or our most popular Protection Bracelets. Try getting a matching set for you and your significant other with our Total Love Crystal Healing Bracelets.

7.      Tools – Tools are a great gift for both men and women of all ages. Almost anyone could use a multi-tool to keep in their car or a basic set to keep around the house.

8.      Fun Activity – Gifts don’t always have to come in small packages. Sometimes planning a fun activity to do together is a great alternative. It can be a favorite activity you know they love to do like concert tickets or something completely new such as dog sledding or axe throwing.

Whether you have one person to shop for or dozens, this list of gift ideas will help you cross a few names off your shopping list. If you still aren’t sure what to do, remember Positive Outlook Grooming also offers e-gift cards for purchase on our website which can be used to purchase any of the products on our website.

While you are out shopping this season, don’t forget to support small businesses, especially those that are women owned, black owned, or veteran owned. They have been the most impacted by the pandemic. Happy Holidays!



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