Stay Safe And Healthy During The Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner and many American families are accustomed to using this time of year to reconnect with extended family. This year may be different. Whether you are leaning towards wearing a mask or not wearing a mask let's explore ways to celebrate the holidays.

If you decide to stay home and forgo visitors, here are a few ways to connect with your loved ones. If you are used to grandma’s famous home-made pies every Thanksgiving, staying home does not mean you have to miss out this year. Ask her to host a Zoom cooking session teaching everyone how to bake a pie to perfection. The entire family can participate in the activity and share their cooking knowledge. Alternatively, try inviting the entire family to a Netflix Party where you watch a movie or show from the comfort of your own homes while synched to your family and friends with the addition of group chat.

If you choose to gather, remember to keep in mind the basic tenets of health such as frequent hand washing and social distancing. A temporal thermometer is great to have on hand. Also, consider eating outside or opening windows to increase air circulation. Have families from the same home sit together. Going for a walk after dinner with your family will allow you to take in some fresh air and aid in digestion.

Everyone should remember to wear masks in public and in crowded locations. If you are traveling, make yourself aware of any regional requirements for the area you are visiting which may affect your travel plans. Be sure to pack plenty of sanitizer, gloves, masks, and wipes. You may also want to make sure your stock of Essential Oils is replenished. Many, like Oregano, which has antiviral properties or Black Seed Oil which has immune boosting properties will come in handy to keep you healthy through the season. This is also the perfect time to invest in our Beard Sanitizing and Maintenance Kit.

Whether you are planning to stay home or fly across the country, the most important thing this holiday season is to stay healthy and safe so you can celebrate again next year and for many more years to come. Have a safe and blessed holiday!

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